Welcome to Licensee Solutions

Welcome to Licensee Solutions

Licensee Solutions provides comprehensive compliance advice and commercial solutions to a broad range of professions including financial planning practices, accounting practices, direct and indirect market participants, general insurance firms, responsible entities, legal and corporate advisory firms.

The team at Licensee Solutions believes by providing comprehensive advice and forming collegial working relationships, solutions are naturally formed and developed to address client’s needs.

We have an integrated team of specialists

At Licensee Solutions we are specialists.  We are skilled, multi-disciplinary practitioners who specialise in areas such as governance, risk management, compliance, the financial services industry, the credit industry and practice management.  Our team is recognised nationally for its in-depth knowledge, expertise and cohesive teamwork.  We are renowned for drawing on each other’s expertise to solve complex client issues. 

We are independent and act in our clients' best interests

Unlike many of our competitors, Licensee Solutions remains independent from “partnering” relationships with financial product issuers and platform providers.   We are proud of our independence and we believe by remaining independent the advice and the solutions we provide our clients will remain in their best interest.

Tailored flexible service and delivery

Our team members are specialists not generalists.  At Licensee Solutions we tailor our advice and our solutions to meet our client’s needs.  We spend time to consider our clients circumstance and we create flexible customised solutions and delivery methods to suit their individual circumstance.  We do not simply adopt a packaged “cookie-cutter” response.

Hands-on implementation

We value our clients at Licensee Solutions that is why we adopt a hands on approach.  We work closely with our clients to identify their issues, define their objectives and implement their solutions. We provide informative feedback and updates to our clients and we adopt an open door approach, actively encouraging our clients to make regular contact with us throughout our engagement.



The contents of our publications are only intended to provide a summary and general overview of matters of interest to the financial services and credit industries, and to promote broad discussion.  The publication does not constitute professional advice, nor does it create an advisor-client relationship.  You should seek advice appropriate to your circumstances, needs and objectives before acting or relying on any content in this publication.  Licensee Solutions make no warranties or representations about the content of this publication and excludes, to the maximum extent permissible by law, any liability which may arise as a result of the use of the content of this publication.

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